The Importance of Cat Dental Care

Help your feline friend get the purrr-ly whites they deserve. ©

Being a pet owner can bring plenty of joy to our lives. A cat can transform our home, bringing new life to our space, and filling our life with joy. There are plenty of things to keep in mind as a pet owner. If you're looking for pet tips at our pet friendly apartments in Lawrence, here are a few facts on the importance of cat dental care. Brushing your … [Read more...]

Keep Your Barbecue’s Costs Low and Flavor High

This summer grilling season, follow these tips to make your meals amazing. Source: Pixabay

Warmer weather means time to start moving some of the cooking outdoors. This is made easier if you live in apartments near KU with gas grills. What makes them even better is having them right next to the pool! So now’s the time to brush up on grilling basics. Safety: Always use a meat thermometer since they are an inexpensive way to make sure your food … [Read more...]

Fun (and Free!) Things to Do With Family and Friends This Memorial Day

Find a fun activity to enjoy with family and friends this Memorial Day. Source: Pixabay

Memorial Day is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather with family and friends. Consider organizing one or more of the following games during the upcoming holiday. Scavenger hunt. Hold a scavenger hunt in the yard or in the house. Each kid must find as many red, white, and blue items as possible. The child who finds the most … [Read more...]

Clever Ideas for Decorating Your KU Graduation Cap

Show off your style by decorating your graduation cap.  ©

Make a grand entrance at your graduation party being held at your Peppertree apartment by wearing your eye-catching decorated KU cap to your celebration. A decorated cap will also make you stand out from the other graduates. If you need some inspiration, here are three clever ways you can add pizazz to your graduation cap: Glue a piece of map to the top … [Read more...]

Go Geocaching in Lawrence to Enjoy the Beautiful Weather

Be adventurous today and try geocaching, a modern day treasure hunt. ©

Are you looking for some wholesome entertainment in downtown Lawrence that a group of friends, or your family can enjoy? Start Geocaching! Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt played using devices capable of GPS. Participants are given coordinates to find their way to a specific spot where the geocache (a container) is hidden. First register for … [Read more...]