Helpful Infographic to Get You Through Black Friday

Black Friday shopping in Lawrence

Do you plan on braving the crowds on Black Friday to get those incredible store deals? We want to prepare our Peppertree apartment community for Black Friday shopping in Lawrence. Here is an infographic that will help you have a positive Black Friday experience: Black Friday shopping tips: Make a list of all of the items and gifts you want to … [Read more...]

5 Low-Calorie Ingredients to Spice Up Any Dish for the Holidays

apartments in Lawrence with large dining rooms

Our apartments in Lawrence with large dining rooms are the perfect place for hosting holiday celebrations. What you serve at your celebration is equally as important as the space you serve it in. If you want to spice up any of your dishes for the holidays, here are five low-calories ingredients that will add zing to them: Lemon juice isn't used … [Read more...]

Send Out Memorable Holiday Cards With Help From These Lawrence Photographers

celebrating the holidays in Lawrence

It's time for our Peppertree apartment community to start celebrating the holidays in Lawrence by getting their holiday photo cards taken. The following Lawrence photographers can help you with creating memorable holiday cards: Melissa Sigler is a photographer who has been featured in many industrial blogs and websites, and she was voted 3rd in the … [Read more...]

Tips to Stay Healthy for the Holidays

holiday events in San Antonio

It's hard to stay healthy with all of the tempting holiday treats that are available this time of the year. We want to help the residents from our Peppertree apartments stay healthy and fit through this time of temptation. Here are three tips that will help our community with their fitness in Lawrence goals for staying healthy through the … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss the Free Monthly Art Party

events in Lawrence

Enjoy a free monthly art party at Hobb's Taylor Gallery near your Peppertree apartment. This party is a wonderful way to celebrate and embrace art in Lawrence. Here is what this fun art party is all about: The Lawrence Art Party will be held on the ground floor of Hobb's Taylor Gallery at 718 New Hampshire Road on November 28th and on the last … [Read more...]