How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Big Game

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Football fans having a few friends over for the Big Game need to make sure to decorate your Lawrence apartment for the fun occasion. Here are some ways to make your space look more sporty. Have a team-centered menu. While it's still a little early to figure out who will be the top NFL contenders, you can still start thinking about fun food items for … [Read more...]

Valentines Your Kids Can Make for Their Classmates

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As Valentines Day is upon us your kids can design some unique Valentines for their classmates. One of the Valentines they can create will require colorful construction paper, marker or pen, glue, and pixy sticks. The homemade Valentine will provide a personal feel is among one of the many different kids activities in Lawrence, Kansas. Gather a variety … [Read more...]

How to Stay Safe in Lawrence’s Cold This Winter

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Just because it's beautiful most of the year doesn't mean you can be reckless in the colder months. For year round healthy living in Lawrence, don't forget these weather changing tips. Nice & Easy: Any change in your flow can be disarming. Still experts warn that any drastic changes in weather should be met with gradual acclimation. Don't go … [Read more...]

Actions to Avoid When Caring for Your New Dog

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While all of the pets around Pepper Tree are just amazing to be around, there are some things which pet owners do that your pets absolutely dislike. If you're having someone care for your dog this year or you're taking in other animals to our pet friendly apartments in Lawrence, here are some things to avoid. Strangers: If a stranger is taking care of … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Return of the Eagles to Lawrence in 2015

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There are multiple interesting and fun events in Lawrence, Kansas at the indoor aquatic center, the Museum of Art or the Natural History Museum. Also check out the celebration for the return of Bald and Golden Eagles to Lawrence on January 24, 2015. There will be hands on educational activities for the kids and adults with the Eagles at the Free State … [Read more...]